Family Farm Day

July 4th, 2018

9:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. 

Over the years, many of you have said that you wish you could come to camp…Here’s your opportunity!

Ages: Designed for children ages 4-12, to attend with a parent(s), Grandparent, or special adult.

We’ve created activities for parents and children to do together, as well as some time for parents to have learning & relaxing opportunities of their own.

Parents and Children: 

Will share time in free play, gardening, farm chores, art/writing time, family bonding activities, and group yoga, session on mindful parenting.

Group sizes: There is a limit of 24 people for the family session.

Organic Fruits/Veggies and homemade healthy muffins and/or granola bars/cookies, cheese and crackers will be provided at break.

Staff: Includes farm owners, Brad and Julie Swenson –(certified teacher, administrator, certified social worker, and Yoga Instructor, also certified in First Aid/CPR), along with professional artist/musician, certified teachers and/or aides, as needed.

Cost: $60 / pair (one child/one adult) + $20 for any additional family member

Registration Form When Visiting the Farm