Animal Friends

Lambs – We had our first lambs born on the farm in the spring of 2012 – amazing how fast they grow!  Our Ram “Blake” was purchased in honor of the Randolph Rams during Gil’s senior year of High School, when the team played at Giant’s stadium winning the state sectional final.
Our Alpaca herd of Sonny, Otis, Miles, and Jack are all males used exclusively for fiber production. We use their fiber for yarn, knitting projects, and various fiber arts.
We have about 25 egg laying hens on the property.  The children enjoy collecting eggs. Many hope to find a green egg, as we have a few Americuna chickens who lay green or light blue eggs. You never know what you’ll find in the coop’s nesting boxes!
Daisy is a beautiful 18 year old, large pony, who loves ear rubs. She welcomes visitors as they enter the driveway—listen for her!
Junior, our barn cat, if a funny one…you have to watch him in action to understand!
Some of the children’s favorite Soulshine creatures are those who appear naturally.  They are the pond friends—frogs, turtles, crayfish, butterflies, and also the toads, groundhogs, Mallard ducks, wild turkeys, herons, and hundreds of songbirds, woodpeckers…so comforting to listen to.