Summer Farm Camp

Summer Farm Camp 2018

New afternoon Session now open

August 20-23

1:15 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. 

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Each session is unique, based on a different theme, with a variety of activities.
Children are welcome to sign up for one or any number of sessions.

Camper Ages: We are a state licensed camp for children ages 4-12.

(Children must turn 4 before their first day of camp, and be independent in the restroom.)

Mentors: Former campers ages 13-14 may apply and interview for a mentor position.  See Mentor Program 2018

Daily Camp Activities

New This Year:
Tinker Time – Where STEAM education meets the farm.  Tinker Time will be the children’s opportunity to investigate areas of interest independently or in groups, to help us  “Think, Design, Build” to solve challenges and create real improvements like…automating animal feeding,  how to know when chickens have laid eggs without ‘peeking’,  and how to be alerted when a predator is in the area.  There will be materials available for a variety of designing, building, and technology projects as we tinker our way to a better farm. Knowledgeable staff will be available to guide and assist the children as necessary.

Farm Chores / Nature / Science
  • Participate in Farm Chores
  • Plant, tend, and harvest the vegetable/herb/flower gardens
  • Access the Science Box
    • Field guides, magnifying glasses, stone testing activities and more.
  • Explore Trail Blazing
  • Care for the chickens, sheep, alpacas (Following 4H guidelines)
  • Design and build farm improvements
  • Explore the pond and stream
  • Participate in Treasure Hunts and Nature Hikes

Fine Arts/Crafts/Children’s Yoga
Each morning in our opening circle, we set our intentions for the day and offer some grounding poses. Children will participate in one or two small group yoga classes where they will discuss the theme of the day and then learn asanas (poses), breathing, and relaxation methods through stories, songs, and games (age appropriate.) Throughout the week, campers participate in full group yoga activities as well.

Each week, a new theme and an artist will be introduced and a project completed. Past projects have including fiber arts (dyeing and felting wool), sewing, mixed media, outdoor painting and drawing, wood building, jewelry making, clay, stone carving. Some weeks, we’ll be joined by a professional artist demonstrating their work.

Children will participate in making music with trained musicians and professional visiting musicians. We hold a music circle each week, including drum circle, and/or chimes, shakers, and other percussion instruments, voice, and found objects for experimenting with sound.

Field Games
Children will participate in creative field games, cooperative challenges, and will be taught games from Colonial times and from world cultures.

Each year is different- we look to engage children in reading and following recipes, measuring, chopping, and mixing. For example, last summer, we made butter from cream (and then added our own honey), baked individual loaves of bread, healthy muffins, cookies, and more.  We make popsicles with fruit, and create other snacks from the farm – egg/veggie bake with our eggs and veggies the children pick from the garden, along with squash chips, and baked potato slices made from freshly harvested garden potatoes. We’ll try some new recipes as well.  We like to encourage to the children to try things they’ve never had before.

Community Service
This year we will be building a Little Free Library and installing it locally, in an area where children/adults may not have access/transportation to the library. The children will be helping us design and build it.  We will be collecting books all summer.  The library will need to be refreshed every two weeks through the year, so we’ll be looking volunteer families to offer to restock the library with books we have collected. A great opportunity for children to engage in community service.

Additionally, as we’ve done for several years, 4 or 5 times each summer, we will host local Seniors from Merry Heart Assisted Living as our guests for an hour of camp fun with the children.

Group sizes
There is a limit of only 28 children/session. Some activities are done as a full group/mixed ages, and others are done in small groups of 6-8 children, divided by age group. Teacher/child ratio is 1:6 – 1:8.

Daily Schedule
Children arrive and gather by the gate, while staff completes preparations and morning chores. The Staff then gathers to share a meditation time just before the children arrive. At 9:00 am we begin our day with the children. We share a “get to know you” activity and then enlist their input for setting the day’s intentions. We offer some awakening yoga poses and discussing the plans for the day. We tend to morning chores, and then the children start off to their first activity. Typically, there are three or four, 30-45 minute activities each day. Some days there are more full group activities depending on what Special Events are planned. Children will participate in a different mix of activities each day.

Snack Time
Around 10:15 am children gather for handwashing, snack time/water break, and are reminded to use the restroom. (Note: Water and restrooms at available at all times.) A heathy snack is provided, and there are always apples, bananas, or other choices if a child does not like our snack of the day. Children are welcome to bring snack from home, though most do not. (Snacks with nuts are prohibited, bags are checked upon arrival.)

Camp is run by farm owners/residents – “Farmer Brad” and Julie Swenson –(Certified Teacher, School Administrator, certified social worker, and Yoga Instructor), along with professional artists, and musicians, certified teachers and/or aides, and mentors.

Cost   $175 per camper / per session

If you are interested in sending your child, but the cost is challenging, due to medical issue or extenuating circumstances please email Julie, at to ask about partial, or full scholarship, or to pay over time rather than all at once. Each year contribute profits from our farm store and other farm programs to be able to offer 10% of our camp spots for scholarship.

1June 25-28Mon-Thu9am-12:15pm$175/childOpen
Family CampDetails TBDDates will be posted by April1
2July 9-12Mon-Thu9am-12:15pm$175/childOpen
3July 16-19Mon-Thu9am-12:15pm$175/childOpen
4July 23-26Mon-Thu9am-12:15pm$175/childOpen
5July 30-Aug2Mon-Thu9am-12:15pm$175/childOpen
6Aug 6-9Mon-Thu9am-12:15pm$175/childOpen
7Aug 13-16Mon-Thu9am-12:15pm$175/childOpen
8Aug 20-23Mon-Thu9am-12:15pm$175/childOpen
8BAug 20-23Mon-Thu1:15-4:30 pm$175/childOpen

Here’s how to register:

  1. Click on the Camp Registration button, below, to open the form
  2. Print the registration form page 1 (2-3 only if applicable)
  3. Fully complete Registration form page 1 (please write clearly)
  4. Fully complete Registration form page 2-3 (Only if applicable)
  5. Copy and attach child’s vaccination records (or include a note regarding vaccination exemption.) If your child was here last year and has had no new vaccines you do not need to send again, simply check line on the application, “No new vaccinations since last year.”
  6. Send registration with check made out to “Soulshine Farm”
  7. Registrations can be postmarked beginning March 1st and MAILED to Soulshine Farm, 54 Park Ave. Randolph, NJ 07869
  8. Confirmations will be mailed weekly on Fridays.

*In an effort to be fair to all, applications that are dropped off, will not be accepted or processed, but will be returned.   Only mailed registrations will be processed and are done so in the order they come in. 

*In an effort to be fair to all, we do not “hold” spots.  Phone/email messages detailing which sessions you want your child in, are not an accepted form of “registration”. Please do not assume that because you left a phone message, your child is “registered” and a spot is held.

*In an effort to be fair to all, Registrations post marked prior to March 1st will be returned.

*In an effort to maintain our state licensing, registrations sent without updated Vaccination Records or Exemption Letter will not be registered and no spot will be held until application is complete. If child has an upcoming physical prior to camp starting, please send the most current records so that we have something on file for our audit, and then send in update once it is available.

Registration Form

Important Drop-Off/Pick-Up Info What to Wear / What to Bring


(We are state licensed, and this info is needed for yearly state audit)