Mentor Program

MENTORS 2017 – Former campers ages 13-14 may apply to be a Mentor at Soulshine Farm

Mentors do not pay for camp.

They will not be participating in camp as a “camper”, but will be more of a role model, helping with activities, and support for younger children. If your child is interested in being a mentor, please have your child fill out the “Mentor Application” and the “Mentor Preferences Sheet”. Please read the preference sheet with your child, and note the paragraph at the end. We are encouraging the mentors to step out of their comfort zone and work in an area where they feel less confident – with our support. Please allow your child to complete form on their own. (Last year some parents shared that they were very surprised with their child’s choices, and would have filled it out much differently than their child did.)  If you were a mentor last year, I’d still like you to fill out a new form. Your preferences may change as you grow and have new experiences. 🙂

We will be contacting Mentors for interviews in March. For mentors selected, we will be having a leadership meeting prior to the start of camp. This is held one day after school, during the second week in June.

Upon successful mentor week, mentors will be giving a letter of recommendation (to use for future jobs, scholarships, etc.) and a $25 gift card.

*There are a limited number of Mentor positions. Preference will go to teens who have been campers over the years.

*Preference will also go to Mentors who have suggestions for ideas or activities that they would like to share with campers. Either teaching a lesson (“How to do ____”), sharing a hobby they enjoy, teaching a new game, sharing a favorite book or music (appropriate for children).

New this year:

We are holding two Special days for older students:

One for students entering 6th, 7th and 8th grade on Monday Aug. 28th.

One for students entering 9th grade on Tuesday Aug 29th.

These will be days to work on setting intentions for the school year, academic, social, activities, sports, personal goals and learn strategies for Total Well Being.  We’ll be creating vision boards, taking a yoga hike, and more.  Students who are going into 9th grade will be available as mentors to share thoughts with the students with the younger students.  And students entering 10th grade will be available to mentor incoming freshmen. 

Please let me know if you’d be interested in helping  on either of these days. 

Mentor Application