Farm Chore Fridays

Fall 2019: Sept 6th - Nov 1st

Fridays, 4:30-5:30 p.m. in the Spring and Fall

Farm Chore Fridays are held in the spring and fall with “Miss Julie” and "Farmer Brad.” This program is an excellent opportunity for new campers to meet us, and become familiar and comfortable with the property, the animals, and the overall “vibe” of the farm.

(You do not have to be involved in our summer program to attend Farm Chore Fridays.)

AGE   Farm Chore Fridays are designed as a “drop off” program for children 4-12 years old, but parents are always welcome to stay and enjoy the time with us and their children. Children younger than 4 years old may attend with parent supervision.

ACTIVITIES We will begin with surveying the children to learn their preferences for jobs. Then, we’ll set our intentions for the afternoon.  We’ll complete 15-20 minutes of basic chores (collecting eggs, getting hay and water to the animals, doing routine animal health checks, and checking fences and gates to see if any new “jobs” are necessary.  We’ll be completing new projects depending on the weather and time of year.  We will present a job and provide the tools and materials, and we’ll work with the children to help them problem solve, break down the jobs into tasks, and determine who will be responsible for each task. And then off we’ll go to work! Of course, safety will be our priority. Some things we’ve done in the past: Planting Annual Rye grass seed, designing and building new sheep door, building a bridge for the alpacas, planting vegetable gardens, building raised beds, dividing perennial plants, repairing fencing, planting trees, clearing stones from the stream – and much more.

TO REGISTER If your child(ren) will be attending any Farm Chore Frdays, please complete registration on-line so that we have important contact information and are aware of any medical concerns. Once registered, there is no commitment to attend weekly...just come when you can.  

COST We do not have you pay in advance for this program, but instead pay only for the days you attend. Cost is $5/child. Fees from this program are used 100% toward our camp scholarship program.

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