IMPORTANT  Please share with caretakers/anyone providing drop off or pick up. 

IMPORTANT:  Please do not pull into our neighbors’ driveways to turn around.

Do not do K-turns on James Road. 

Drop off:

Following this plan works best for all – It was arranged with the Randolph Police Dept and must be followed.

Please DO NOT turn onto James Road from Park Ave.  We ask that you to pull in on Logan Road, (two houses before our house – across from Righter Road if you are coming from Sussex Ave.  or two houses after our house if you are coming from Dover Chester Road or Pleasant Hill Rd.)  Continue to the top of the Logan Road, turning right at end of Logan onto James Road, follow down the hill and park alongside the farm, on the right side of James Rd. facing Park Ave. For safety of all, please obey the 25 MPH speed limit on Logan and James Roads. Park only on the right side of James Road, behind the cone, so that you are not too close to the stop sign or in front of the fire hydrant.

We will meet you there at the gate on James Road and have children sign in before parent leaves. (Do not walk along Park Ave for any reason. It is not safe, there is no shoulder.) Please provide a written note if you are carpooling and someone other than you will be picking your child up.

Pick up:

same routine as drop off.

Camp families must follow driving/parking notes above. At the end of each camp day we gather for 5 minutes to share events of the day at our closing circle.

If anyone dropping off or picking (or a camper) has physical limitations please contact us to make arrangements to use the driveway rather than park on James Road.

Thank you for showing consideration- it is appreciated!