Yoga at Soulshine Farm

For Men, Women, Teens, Athletes and Children


Our class schedules are set up in 8-14 weeks sessions throughout the year.  Younger children's classes are 45 minutes.  Classes for older children, teens, and men are held for 60 minutes.  Women's classes are either 60 or 75 minutes. Class size is small - children's classes up to 8 students, adult classes up to 6 students.

Fall Session 2019 runs from September 23 - the third week of December.

Winter Session runs from early January - early April  (Just before Randolph School District's Spring Break.)

Spring Session runs from Mid-April - mid/Late June.

Summer Session  is scaled back due to our camp programs and vacation time, but there are classes running throughout the summer.


Peace is not something you wish for; It's something you make...Something you share


Benefits of Yoga

  • For all - Offering Yoga asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing), and meditation can help to reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, concentration, and focus, while building listening skills, physical strength, confidence, balance, and flexibility, as well as elongating the spine - promoting good posture. Many studies support that offering yoga can lower blood pressure and can improve digestion, elimination of toxins, circulation, and sleeping patterns.

  • Off of the mat - The practice of being present throughout class is most beneficial. Over time, "being present" in class carries over to "living yoga" off of the mat in our relationships with others, participation in hobbies - playing an instrument, sporting activities, the arts, as well as in the classroom and in work settings.

  • For Athletes - Athletes who practice yoga often experience better balance during athletics and less injuries due to increased core stability, flexibility, and range of motion. The practice of meditation and breathing can improve judgement and concentration that carries over to sport activities. Many athletes report that they find themselves making smarter, more relaxed, and less impulsive moves during competitive play. Sport specific classes are available at the farm or for a team at your location.

  • For Teens - Our teen classes are an excellent way for teens to hold a regularly scheduled time "with themselves" free from competition, judgement, or comparing themselves to others. It is a time to have peace of mind, silence, and the opportunity to find their voice by listening to what is inside. Many teen students have said that they often feel overwhelmed, confused, and unsure of themselves, but that yoga has helped them find perspective, direction, and confidence in their choices. Some teens have openly shared that they have experimented with substances to "escape", but once finding yoga, see it as a better alternative with no negative side effects. Yoga classes for teens can be arranged at your school or other location.

  • For Children - Yoga practice teaches children about their bodies in a fun manner, through lessons, songs, and asanas (poses/stretching exercises), stories, and sharing opportunities. They learn to appreciate and honor their bodies and minds with peace, relaxation, and healthy living practices. Guiding children to move in ways that develop body awareness, balance, and coordination along with the ability to process and integrate sensory stimulation, rest peacefully for a bit, and tap into their own creativity is our intention.

  • Because many children express struggling with anxiety, we offer strategies for using yoga to affectively manage feelings of anxiety, fear, anger and other emotions to live more comfortably. Classes are typically a mix of boys and girls close in age. Younger groups are scheduled for 45 minutes, older children for 60 minutes


Yoga at your location...

Individual classes or weekly sessions may be arranged at your worksite, school, training facility, or other location.  Contact Julie for more information.

Classes for children with special needs...

Yoga can be very helpful to children with various special needs.  Many parents have chosen to have children come to the farm for individual sessions before signing up for a class.  Several of these children have successfully joined classes with their peers and are thriving in their practice. Because class sizes are small (only 4-7 children/class) accommodations can be made as needed, and children's needs can be met.

Learn More...

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