We expect the use of mindful words and actions toward self, others, the animals, wildlife, and natural environment.

Kindness * Compassion * Empathy

It is most important that staff and visitors feel safe, welcomed, cared for, and appreciated for who they are.


We guide visitors to take moments to appreciate all they have to be thankful for – people, experiences, opportunities, along with necessities and comforts.


We love to have fun, and to share laughter and joy with others.

Making a difference

We strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our staff and visitors and encourage them to do the same for others.


We strive to guide others to tune-in and trust their inner wisdom, draw upon their learned experiences, as well as their intuition and logical minds. We enjoy it when all who are present are able to share their own wisdom so that we all learn and grow.



We strive to not answer all visitor’s questions or provide for their needs, but instead with encourage them to “think and do”.  We teach problem solving and we guide, encourage, and support visitors to find answers for themselves.